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    donaldson magloire
    Donaldson Magloire Founder

    Hi, my name is Donaldson Magloire, founder of Nature Isle Explorers. The pleasure is mine to extend a hearty welcome to all visitors.

    Nature Isle Explorers is an adventure tour company established to "EXPLORE the Nature Isle, DOMINICA". With 5 years experience in the tourism industry Nature Isle Explorers team of experienced professional tour guides and taxi drivers who are " Alvin, Mclean, and Mathew " will give you the most memorable Dominica tours around the island.

    P.S. If you not being toured by Alvin, Mclean, Alain, Marvin or Jean-Marie, then you are NOT with Nature Isle Explorers.

    Nature Isle Explorers offer some of the best Dominica tours package and hikes at the most affordable rates. Be sure to book your interested Dominica tours and other touring/hiking services.

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    Middlehams Falls dominica tours
    The Dominica Jewel Tour

    The Dominica Jewel Tour is the most popular and one of the most exciting tour packages in theĀ  Dominica tours we offer. It comprises of some of the most attractive sites, Ti Tou Gorge, Trafalgar Falls, Batanical Gardens, Morne Bruce View Point and snorkeling at Champagne Reefs.


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    Champagne Reefs

    Champagne Reefs is amongst the top snorkelling places in the Caribbean. It has a diverse aquatic life, from yellow tube sponges to corals and fishes, including the Parrot Fish. Bubble which comes from the geothermal vents makes you feel like you are in a giant glass of Champagne, hence get it name Champagne reefs. If you would like to have a fist hand experience of Champagne Reefs, then book the Dominica Jewel Tour.



    WE are the the EXPLORERS, "Nature Isle Explorers"
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