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  • Titou Gorge

    Titou Gorge is a crevice in which hot and cold streams intermingle. Relaxing hot springs are experienced and strong swimmers can take the clean waters that lead to a spectacular view of a waterfall.

  • Emerald Pool

    Located in Dominica's Pristine Trois Piton Forest is the Emerald Pool. A short walk to the Emerald Pool will leave you in awe as the canopy of the forest provides shade and many picturesque fauna to look at through out your walk, until you reach the Emerald Pool where the cool and refreshing waterfall awaits you

  • Trafalgar Falls

    Trafalgar is actually the site of two falls (the “father” and the “mother”) between 180 and 200 feet high that converge in rocky pools.

    The falls, particularly the taller one “father,” was impacted by a rockslide in 1995. An unusual feature is the hot water springs coming from the base of the taller falls.


Are you are Cruise Visitor?


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